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Sukanta chowdhury set up his shop with Check out his collection here Sukanta Chowdhury, the young sculptor from West Bengal has got his inner vision to view the world. He has broken the niche of conservatism, cloys of chauvinism and has created new beginnings of a pure Romantic and fantasized world. Sukanta’s childhood days till he passed out from Government College of Art and Craft, Kolkata has been a massive struggle but ultimately he has made a breakthrough. Each artist, creator in each field has got a different, diverse perception about life; here he is not an exception. His sensual sculptures dive deep into our minds to think beyond or “Nihil Ultra”. They epitomize grandeur, space, oblivion, age inside a boundary. His works are a depiction of new thoughts, which widen our imaginative faculty. He makes the simple seller of fruits, the prime attractor of people. The seller’s keen intention to see through others and beyond, to shout and call for buyers has made the artist make his double powerful double pair of eyes and two lips. He has won an accolade from our Hon’ble Governor of West Bengal, India for this highly innovative creation. An artist is first a thinker before he creates. Vision or thought process here also acts as a theme for Sukanta. His sculptures are a glow in this pessimistic world. Nowadays in this rotten world people can’t find what he wants, simplicity is obstructed by materialism. He thinks that everybody needs a medium to see through. So, his onlooker finds life, simplicity, hidden emotions through the frames of glasses. A creator’s mind is full of thoughts filled with imaginations which pass through his wide spectrum of mind themed eyes. Out of those various thousand thoughts only one or two gets the true color while others are in the processing. This mode of creative frenzy forms his next work Depiction of thinking. He has experimented with various mediums varying from wood, bronze, glass, glass, metal, stone. His mediums are identical but his forms are totally new. He has created the mythological figures Ma Durga and her opponent Ravana in the form of a safety pin. He is the one who has seen and shown power in the little powerhouse safety pin. His other sculptures are devised by the high magnitude of legs, which the artist claims are the keeper of balance in his whole world, force. The lonely musician, the thinker is created with elongated, slender legs to mark their parched yet dominating existence. His thoughts are universal, unique. He has portrayed relation among celestial bodies by the magnitude of big and small and the space they carry. All the small bodies clamp together with the bigger ones for protection and company. Like William Wordsworth, the great poet of all times he has got a deep regard for Nature.

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